We need more Senior Registered Liberals and more Seniors’ Reps.

Below are some thoughts to consider regarding the recruitment of more SRLs and appointing more Seniors’ Reps in Ridings:

Agreement has been reached with LPC on quarterly e-blasts, the dates to be set well in advance. There are some guidelines to be considered:

What are topics worthy of SLC outreach to all SRLs? Possibly they will be primarily on policy, but also on EDA Senior Reps and volunteering, given some possibility of an election this year.

Here are some possibilities that we could consider:

– a strong push to have more Senior Reps, and what is our method of messaging?

– communication on continuing engagement and our interest in Section SRLs skills inventories for ongoing policy engagement – itemize maybe with Excel a spreadsheet of skills inventories for ongoing policy engagement with emails and phone numbers embedded in spreadsheet for easy access which includes an email form letter.

– the first policy survey in years is in the works and there is talk of SurveyMonkey being made available to us again.

– a strong push for SRL election volunteering – again a spreadsheet could be used for this for speedy contacts. For some who have computer-based phones all you do is list everyone’s phone number in the Excel sheet and press on the highlighted phone number and it takes you right out to the phone call.  An amazing tool, Excel.

Please consider the above thoughts for discussion with your EDA or Club.