The Cost of Food, Already Too High For Many of Us, Going UP.

Steak or lentil-burger?  Which will it be for seniors who either must watch the food budget, or who merely enjoy being frugal.  Either way, it sounds as if we will have to be even more vigilant when grocery shopping in order to get the most out of our food dollar.  Some seniors are exploring the farming commuities or fishing harbours, determined to strike up relationships with those hard-working food provisioners.  This is great if seniors have not given up their cars, and we have heard of groups of elders getting together and pooling car expenses, forming food gathering expeditions to the farming and fishing centres.  All the with aim of getting proper food which is authentic in place of origin.  The price?  Probably higher, but some seniors feel that nutrition is priceless.  What do you think of this story?  Do you have plans to band together with other seniors to explore food options?  Let us know.