Quadra Granville Seniors Club

The Quadra Granville Seniors Club was formed to work with seniors and the community to influence all levels of government to develop and implement supportive policies for seniors. The club provides seniors with an opportunity to connect and discuss important policy issues. We educate seniors on key policy issues through a website, blog, town halls. We develop policy resolutions for submission to the next LPCBC conference.

Before we formed this club, we met with our MPs Jodi Wilson-Raybould and Joyce Murray. They were both enthusiastic about the formation of the club and have supported us in our activities.


Advocate for change by preparing and presenting evidence-based materials to MPs and Ministers.

  • Identify issues that are important to seniors
  • Educate seniors about issues that affect them
  • Work directly with government to implement policies that help seniors
  • Help seniors by providing access to resources and information


We are planning a discussion group about Care Homes and Home Care for sometime in November, 2017. We will confirm the date and time when we arrange a meeting room.
The format will be a Town Hal; we will have some short presentations followed by round table discussions. We will have 3 topics that you will discuss at a table. We will rotate tables 3 times so you will have a chance to give your input on all 3 topics.
We will gather the results, summarize and distribute them to all attendees.
Please contact us if you are interested in Care Homes and Home Care.

Past Events

On May 26, 2017 the Quadra-Granville Seniors Group hosted a Forum: “A Better Prescription: How Government Could Make Medicines Safer and more Affordable for our Aging Population.”

Canada spends $30 billion annually on prescription drugs; our spending on pharmaceuticals is more than any other OECD country with the exception of the US. Yet, we spend one of the lowest levels on R&D. In 2015, a national survey found 14% of patients reported not filling a prescription because of cost and another 9% skipped doses to make the prescription last longer. Surveys suggest that $5 billion spent by employers on drug benefits is wasted. Others estimate that a third of seniors fill at least one prescription for medicines believed to pose unnecessary risks and that one in six hospitals admissions are the result of adverse drug reactions.

Attendees heard how provincial and federal governments could work strategically to make medicines safer and more affordable for all.

Dr. Steven G. Morgan is a Professor of health policy at UBC in the School of Population and Public Health. He is an expert in pharmaceutical policy. He has published hundreds of research papers and has served as an expert advisor to governments in Canada and overseas. His current focus is on designing policies to achieve “Triple A” outcomes: Access to medicines, Appropriate prescribing and Affordable prices.

A discussion followed Dr. Morgan’s presentation. Joyce Murray and Isobel Mackenzie gave brief statements addressing the issues.

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