Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)  – Passed Winnipeg Convention May 2016

WHEREAS health is a requirement for productive involvement in the economy of Canada; the well-being of citizens, their families and their communities requires an equitable No Co-Pay Universal Prescription Drug Plan. Roughly 24% of Canadians have no prescription drug coverage and approximately 8% admit they have not filled prescriptions due to cost;

WHEREAS it is usually the most vulnerable people in our society who lack drug insurance coverage. Those with plans have either “Public Drug” or private workplace coverage. The access to health has thus become a function of place of employment or of wealth;

WHEREAS a multitude of research studies have shown that Universal Pharmacare cuts costs through National purchasing power and lower administrative costs, and Canada has the fastest rising drug costs among OECD countries, while countries with universal pharmacare, like France, the U.K., Sweden, and Australia, pay less for their drugs, and their costs increase at a much lower rate;


BE IT RESOLVED that The Liberal Party of Canada, with its partners in Government and after consultations with the Ministers of Health across the country, enacts into law a Universal Pharmacare Program for all residents of Canada to cover the full cost of prescription drugs;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Canada should institute changes to patent law and our industrial policies that will serve to keep the cost of any pharmacare program affordable.