Ode To A Schizophrenic Cactus

Schizophrenic Cactus celebrates Easter

With Easter celebrations soon upon us, I thought you might enjoy this poem sent to me by my friend Margaret…( you will remember Margaret from my first blog post – she endured considerable strife arising from a Representation Agreement signed by her husbands’ adult children that revoked her rights to care for her husband.  Sadly, Bob passed away in a nursing home from Alzheimers).

I have a Christmas Cactus
Its flowers light up the room
It keeps my spirits soaring
When it is in full bloom.

It doesn’t bloom at Christmas
It’s usually in November
And then again at Easter
It is clever to remember.

Now last year for some reason
It spanned the Christmas season
And half bloomed in November
The other half in December.

I decided not to panic
That my plant was schizophrenic
I got extended pleasure
When it bloomed at its own leisure.

The buds are starting up again
Just in time for Passover
Can’t tell if it’s just one side
Or whether they’re all over.

Like most things in my lovely home
Nothing is too normal
But that’s the way I like it
Crazy and informal.

My cactus must have known
About my poem for it has grown
It’s ablaze from front to kiester
Just in time for Easter!

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Sharon Aps
Sharon Aps
3 years ago

Thanks Judy – I enjoyed The schizophrenic Cactus!