New Helpline for Seniors Living On Their Own Announced Today!

If you are a senior living on your own – and that means not in long-term care – and you need information on how to access help or assistance there is a new hotline number to call.   Seniors are still able to access HandiDart to get around but two taxi companies in the City have ceased operations for The Duration.  Some seniors may be wondering how they will get around.

As of today, seniors living on their alone or with a partner can call 211 for help or for information leading to help.  That’s 211.

Help with chores, help with medical issues, help getting groceries in, and what kinds of assistance there is available to you or to a partner.

This just in today.

If you are a senior reading this webpage, you can access the above number – 211 – for help.  You do not need to be a Liberal!