Nanaimo Ladysmith Club

This Riding has selected the Seniors Connect Program as the vehicle for our contact with and support of Seniors in our Association and in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith community broadly.

October and November were extremely busy months, as four of us on the Executive Committee have volunteered in Seniors Connect.  We have assisted in getting the Seniors Drop-In Centre opened and staffed, and we have begun recruiting and training volunteers.  Our public outreach has expanded to include our website, Facebook page, informational segments on Shaw TV.  We have manned booths at the Nanaimo Business Expo, Health and Wellness Fair, and other local events.

If you would like to peruse further information, I have included links for our October and November meeting minutes (no December meeting), as well as other planning documents and publicity/outreach links.

Please find attached from the Office of the Seniors Advocate today’s News Release together with a copy of the report “Placement, Drugs and Therapy Update”  – November 2016.   The report is available on our website