Mothers Day Greetings: Grandmothers contribute to our Economy by Child-Minding.

This post is a contribution/idea from our President Judith Higginbotham:

Since today is Mothers Day I’d like to point out how valuable our grandmothers are in today’s society and especially in our economy.  What would many young families do without the child-minding assistance of grandmothers?  Many women would be forced to stay home, rendering the family short one income.  We know that grandfathers also provide the benefit of childcare to working families, but it usually falls to the female grandparent to do the intensive care.  Even if professional daycare is available in the neighbourhoods where working families live, it is sometimes prohibitively expensive.  That expense drives the parents to look for less expensive, less professional daycare and that is always a worry regarding quality and security.  And that brings the grandmother into the scene – more and more often these days.  Usually the grandmother is happy with the sort of arrangement, but with seniors being involved in so many activities in 2021 from sports to mature learning courses, we hope that the families can reach a compromise where everyone is satisfied: – the children, the grandmother/grandparents and the mother and father who work so hard to contribute to their families and thus to our national economy.

So, cheers to Mothers today – but also those important Grandmothers!

by Judith E. Higginbotham, Chair: B.C. Section, Senior Liberals Commission.