Heads Up – Credit Card Telephone Scam

In the past two days, I have had 2 attempts at credit card fraud (my husband took the same call the day before I did). These people are getting increasing professional, so I thought I would share some things to watch for in this recent scam:

Hint 1:  You receive a phone call with a longer than normal pause before someone speaks when you pick up. (the Robo dialer is waiting to hit an active number).

Hint 2: I normally hang up when that happens but this time, a recording begins relatively quickly with this statement, “Your credit card has been seriously compromised.”  I know that in the past when this is legitimate, I receive a call from VISA, not a recording. The recording, however, quickly states that 2 charges not normally seen on your account $300.00 for EBay and $1100.00 at iTunes catch my attention.  These are big numbers.  The recording says “Click 2 if you want these charges blocked.  So I press 2 – what do I have to lose?  The recording tells me that I have only 30 minutes to keep this block on since it is an international charge (hmmm, this is keeping me on the line – seems fishy but what if it is true?) – I am told an investigations person will be on in 2 1/2 minutes ( of course, alerted that they had a fish on the line when I pressed 2)

Hint 3: They keep talking, telling you how any more minutes you will have to wait and giving you advice on how make certain use of your card is secure. (when did you get anything but elevator music when you have to hold for a company rep so maybe there is something to this)

Hint 4:  In precisely 2 1/2 minutes your call is taken by a company investigator (when does that happen so accurately in real life?) –  they ask your name… I think, ” seems odd but maybe this is going to be for security purposes…and I haven’t yet given any secure information, so I tell them my name”

Hint 5: Then they ask me to confirm my card number that starts with “45”…duh, finally I get it!..all credit cards start with “45”!!!! …when your credit card company calls you to investigate, they will ask for the card that ENDS in “1234”

I finally hit CLICK!

And I am someone who usually hangs up when I get the pause – but this one almost had me… they are getting smooth… WATCH FOR IT.