Every Registered Liberal Can Vote Online for Resolutions!

It’s time to vote for the top 30 Resolutions that will advance to the Liberal Policy Convention debate in Halifax!

Early last spring your SLC conducted a national survey of registered Senior Liberals, asking respondents to identify issues important for the 2019 election.  Over 23,000 emailed questionnaires resulted in 4,000 of you providing your input. Your top concerns were researched by Working Groups and presented in draft Resolutions.

For several weeks the resolutions were posted online for discussion and debate.  These comments are still available.

The next step in this new grassroots process is the opportunity for every registered Liberal to vote online for up to 6 resolutions that will advance for debate at the biennial convention in Halifax, April 19 – 21. The top 15 will move on for consideration for the Party platform in 2019.  The SLC sponsored 3 Resolutions that are still up for consideration.  We are asking for your vote for the SLC resolutions that reflect what seniors across the country have told us is important to them.

Reclaiming and Sustaining Canada’s Healthcare

Environmental Sustainability

The Need for Stable, Quality Jobs – The Key to a Stronger Middle Class

You have 6 votes.  You may place all 6 on a Resolution you feel strongly about or you can spread your votes over up to 6 resolutions. Voting closes midnight, March 18. You can change your votes at any time. What you mark by this deadline will be your final vote.

Please vote! – and pass these links on to your contact lists.  Through this voting process all registered Liberals can influence the future of Liberalism in Canada!