Delta Town Hall – The Corporation of Delta

healthy-seniorOn November 10th, at the Delta Elders Town Hall Meeting, Councillor Sylvia Bishop from The Corporation of Delta, BC provided insights into the commitment of The Corporation of Delta to providing services and programs to enhance health and well-being for its senior community.  Following is a summary of her remarks.

Demographic Population of Seniors – Census 2011

Delta – presently, age 55+ seniors make up 28% of the population

BC Seniors by 2036 – projected growth for the province – age 65+ will be 24%

Goal for The Corporation of Delta: to ensure seniors have resources, support and networks to live healthy, independent and engaged lives.

What We Are Doing Now:

  1. Three Seniors Centres serve over 3100 seniors.
    Kennedy Seniors Recreation Centre in North Delta,
    McKee Seniors Recreation Centre in Ladner
    KinVillage in Tsawwassen serving South Delta
    The role of seniors’ centres in our community will continue to expand and have an increasing impact on quality of life of older adults.
  2. Leisure Access Assistance Programs
    Offers drop-in recreation access to low-income individuals or families who meet our eligibility criteria.
  3. Snow Angels program
    Designed to match “Angels” with Delta residents who are unable to shovel their driveways or walkways in the event of a snowfall.
  4. Fitness
    Our fitness programs offer 17 different registered programs specifically designed for seniors, as well as 26 different drop-in classes. There are also a variety of other classes available through our Parks, Recreation and Culture Department, suitable for seniors, or that can be modified to meet their needs.
  5. North and South Delta Seniors Bus programs
    This FREE transportation service for seniors living in Delta offers easy access to local medical services, recreation centres, shopping locations and other community amenities. The Seniors Bus Program has improved the lives of our Delta elders by allowing them to travel in our community in safety and with confidence.
  6. Seniors Support Coordinator
    The role is to connect people age 50+ to information and resources in the larger community, including social service agencies, health and wellness programs, housing supports and government programs to achieve improved health and wellness.
  7. Seniors Advisory Sub-Committee
    Set up by Delta Council to facilitate ongoing discussion and participation on how to best meet the needs of seniors in our community. It provides an opportunity for ongoing dialogue with seniors on services and resources they require to stay active, maintain good health, and to stay connected to the community. The Sub-Committee also offers opportunities to engage with community groups such as the Delta Seniors Planning Team to share knowledge on issues such as affordable housing.

Our Commitment to Seniors
In 2015, the Corporation of Delta invested over $1.2 million ($1,210,258) in seniors with costs related to programs, services, staff and buildings. Broken down, that is $390 per registered member at our senior’s centres!

We encourage other levels of government to work with us and make similar investment in the elders of our community, for this is an investment that will help to reduce the social isolation of seniors, and improve our community’s overall health and well-being.

Older adults bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise to community development. A community that embraces its elders is one that capitalizes on the wealth of opportunity for seniors to partner, collaborate and produce positive results for the entire community.