Election 2021 – Another Win for Liberal Grassroots Policy

Élection 2021 – Une autre victoire pour les politiques libérales de la base

Mothers Day Greetings: Grandmothers contribute to our Economy by Child-Minding.

This post is a contribution/idea from our President Judith Higginbotham:

Since today is Mothers Day I’d like to point out how valuable our grandmothers are in today’s society and especially in our economy.  What would many young families do without the child-minding assistance of grandmothers?  Many women would be forced to stay home, rendering the family short one income.  We know that grandfathers also provide the benefit of childcare to working families, but it usually falls to the female grandparent to do the intensive care.  Even if professional daycare is available in the neighbourhoods where working families live, it is sometimes prohibitively expensive.  That expense drives the parents to look for less expensive, less professional daycare and that is always a worry regarding quality and security.  And that brings the grandmother into the scene – more and more often these days.  Usually the grandmother is happy with the sort of arrangement, but with seniors being involved in so many activities in 2021 from sports to mature learning courses, we hope that the families can reach a compromise where everyone is satisfied: – the children, the grandmother/grandparents and the mother and father who work so hard to contribute to their families and thus to our national economy.

So, cheers to Mothers today – but also those important Grandmothers!

by Judith E. Higginbotham, Chair: B.C. Section, Senior Liberals Commission.




From Carla Morgan comes this inspiring story…


I want to tell all of you about an initiative my mother (92) just told me about this morning.

For 10 years, my mother lived in a Rotary run seniors’ residence in Montreal – The Manoir Westmount. She loved it, was very engaged, successfully started various initiatives including 1. changing the dress code, 2. starting a looseleaf type book to include each new resident as they arrived and then alternate binders with those who left and 3. Running a current events club that met regularly.

Now, the Manoir Westmount has one rule my mother was not able to change. To be a resident you must be able to walk to the dining room. You can use a cane or walker but no wheelchairs or wheel chair equivalents.

My mother’s two major accidents – a fall from a horse and a skiing accident- caught up with her. At age 89, walking became a torture to her. So, she looked around, found a residence in the Laurentians, closer to her extended family and had the good fortune to be settled in there before COVID struck.

She has kept in touch with her friends from the Manoir through FaceTime.

Today, she told me that the Director of activities at The Manoir had contacted her to ask if she would once again lead the Current Events group but this time via Zoom. Sessions haven’t started yet, but are in the works!

This is an inspiring story in my view, which is why I’m sharing it.


(Thank-you to Carla Morgan for this terrific story)

We need more Senior Registered Liberals and more Seniors’ Reps.

Below are some thoughts to consider regarding the recruitment of more SRLs and appointing more Seniors’ Reps in Ridings:

Agreement has been reached with LPC on quarterly e-blasts, the dates to be set well in advance. There are some guidelines to be considered:

What are topics worthy of SLC outreach to all SRLs? Possibly they will be primarily on policy, but also on EDA Senior Reps and volunteering, given some possibility of an election this year.

Here are some possibilities that we could consider:

– a strong push to have more Senior Reps, and what is our method of messaging?

– communication on continuing engagement and our interest in Section SRLs skills inventories for ongoing policy engagement – itemize maybe with Excel a spreadsheet of skills inventories for ongoing policy engagement with emails and phone numbers embedded in spreadsheet for easy access which includes an email form letter.

– the first policy survey in years is in the works and there is talk of SurveyMonkey being made available to us again.

– a strong push for SRL election volunteering – again a spreadsheet could be used for this for speedy contacts. For some who have computer-based phones all you do is list everyone’s phone number in the Excel sheet and press on the highlighted phone number and it takes you right out to the phone call.  An amazing tool, Excel.

Please consider the above thoughts for discussion with your EDA or Club.

News and Updates from the Senior Liberals Commission


Here are all 30 resolutions of those that were voted on that will now proceed to the Convention voting + those that were fast tracked (these are the ones that took 1st place in the first round of voting Fall 2020).
Here are all 30 resolutions of those that were voted on that will now proceed to the Convention voting + those that were fast tracked (these are the ones that took 1st place in the first round of voting Fall 2020).


Additionally, here is the Election slate – many were acclaimed…