Accessibility Criteria Document from Elections Canada

Table 2 Fifteen Mandatory Accessibility Criteria

This document came to me from Elections Canada in response to my query about Accessibility getting to the polls.  I am posting it today for all of us to keep on hand, because we never know when an Election might be called.  As you all probably remember, Accessibility became a hot topic during the last Election.  This document will probably help us sort out what is needed so that we all get to cast our vote, particularly Seniors.

Adventure Awaits Those Who Dare …

Luke Lewandowski, a former SLCBC board member, has embarked on a new adventure; lecturing on cruise ships.

He has been public speaking for decades. Luke says that he always wanted to expand his speaking engagements but was too timid to step out of his comfort zone, which was speaking only about areas of expertise – the computer industry and IT topics. Because this subject area is quite narrow with limited appeal, his speaking opportunities were limited.

Luke’s wife encouraged him to apply as a cruise ship lecturer. He engaged an agent who specializes in getting cruise ship lecturing engagements. From a list of available cruise ship lecturer openings, Luke applied for a cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii and return. The cruise ship line required 9 different presentation topics, one for each “at sea” day. Luke and his wife thought about the subjects that would be of interest to people on a cruise ship. The cruise line accepted his proposal topics; he has his first “gig” and is on his way in his 2nd career.

The speaking subjects were chosen to educate audiences. Some of these subjects are mired in myths and half-truths. Luke is trying to dispel these myths by presenting facts, not opinions. This has become one of his purposes in retirement; to educate and hopefully to change the world to make it a better place.

Our friend Helen Wilkes’ first post-retirement book has been translated into three languages with more on the horizon. “The Aging of Aquarius” has just won the Nautilus Award (Better Books for a Better World) and is garnering rave reviews from both enthused readers and professionals in the field. It is currently under review by a Chinese publisher who thinks it may revolutionize how that society views the aging process. She writes about living your passion, having a purpose and changing the world as an empowered elder. Her friendship and her book were part of those invisible forces that encouraged Luke to start a new “career”. You can read more about Helen’s book at her Website.

Luke’s Website has a brief description of each of his presentation topics.



Accessibility to Polls often an Issue.

There have been several reports about inaccessibility to polls.   Riding Reps or others working hard in this Election 2019 might get a list of the poll addresses and check them all out for accessibility to disabled or senior voters without access to vehicles.  According to Elections Canada, three of the “accessibility” criteria are:  Poll must be at or near Transit stop;  Poll must be on level ground;  Poll must be well-lit.  Of course, access must be available to those using wheelchairs, canes, crutches or who are too frail/elderly to do stairs or even steep ramps.  Elections Canada asks that you call them at 1-800-499-8020 to report inaccessibility or other issues with polls.  If you are using LiberalList to communicate with your potential voters, that number can be noted within your email blast so that voters know there is someone to call to ask for help getting to or accessing polls.