Accessibility to Polls often an Issue.

There have been several reports about inaccessibility to polls.   Riding Reps or others working hard in this Election 2019 might get a list of the poll addresses and check them all out for accessibility to disabled or senior voters without access to vehicles.  According to Elections Canada, three of the “accessibility” criteria are:  Poll must be at or near Transit stop;  Poll must be on level ground;  Poll must be well-lit.  Of course, access must be available to those using wheelchairs, canes, crutches or who are too frail/elderly to do stairs or even steep ramps.  Elections Canada asks that you call them at 1-800-499-8020 to report inaccessibility or other issues with polls.  If you are using LiberalList to communicate with your potential voters, that number can be noted within your email blast so that voters know there is someone to call to ask for help getting to or accessing polls.

Healthcare in Canada – are Seniors’ concerns being taken seriously?

This link affirms the work of our Healthcare Policy Committee which is drawing attention to the critical state of healthcare in our country. We need to know if we are being taken seriously by the National Committee.

Rally for Prime Minister Trudeau today at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver.

The Writ has dropped, as you saw on TV today from Ottawa, and Prime Minister Trudeau will now fly across Canada and be present this afternoon in Vancouver at the Italian Cultural Centre for a rally of Liberal supporters.  All Liberals are invited – it’s a great way to kick off the 2019 Election Campaign.  Be at the Ballroom at 5:00 p.m. to start off the Rally.  Please fill out the RSVP form shown below.

Team Trudeau 2019 Campaign Kick-off Rally

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Doors Open at 5:00 PM
Ballroom – Italian Cultural Centre
3075 Slocan St Vancouver.

Please RSVP Here.

Chilliwack-Hope’s new Candidate Kelly Valonis.

Come to the Nomination Meeting August 24th, 2019 at the Royal Hotel in Chilliwack from 7 to 8 p.m.  This is your chance to meet the new Liberal candidate for Chilliwack-Hope, Kelly Valonis.  Greg Nelmes, President of the Chilliwack-Hope EDA has passed this information along to us.  We hope you get a good turnout and best wishes to Kelly Valonis in the upcoming Campaign.

BC Seniors’ Advocate Home Support Report

Home Care and staying in our own homes as we age is top of mind for many of us.  The above link will take you to a “fresh off the press” report from the BC Seniors’ Advocate released today, June 19, 2019.  The report is very comprehensive and covers many of our concerns as seniors.

North Burnaby-Seymour & “Hats Off Day”

The PM was in town on Hats Off Day and met with the Mayor of Burnaby, and Burnaby Firefighters, moving down East Hastings to also visit our Campaign Office for a small gathering with volunteers.

We also operated a tent for the Party and Campaign down near Boundary Rd at the other end of Hastings, along side all of the other parties.

The team in Burnaby North – Seymour is geared up for the upcoming election, and we are looking at a very exciting race ahead of us.  Our campaign office is open at the corner of Hastings and Gamma in Burnaby (the old Pizza Hut structure) and we invite Senior Liberals to get involved with regular door knocking, phone banking, and other events.  Come on down!