Canadian medical students trained in U.S. can’t find spots in Canada to practice.

Some of us know families with grown children training to be medical professionals, born in Canada but training in the U.S. and abroad, who cannot find spots to finish their M.D. in Canada and begin working here at home, in their own country.  The above link takes you to an advocacy group dedicated to changing this situation.  Canada needs more doctors, especially our own sons and daughters born and wanting to practice in Canada.  Perhaps this could form the basis of a policy resolution at some point in the future.


The Federal Senior Liberals Commission Executive

We at the Federal Senior Liberals Commission would like to wish all of you, our readers, our contributors and members – the Seniors Reps, the other members of the Executive and other Committee members and all BC Seniors a full and joyous Holiday Season.  We all know how difficult daily life is at the moment, has been for quiet awhile and may be for some time yet – still, we are all capable of finding Joy.  We hope that we might have the comfort of family and friends, but if that is not possible then we hope you will look at the many blessings that you do have – and celebrate them deep in your heart.

We wish all of you Joy – eventually !!!

Senior Liberals Commission.


This is a legitimate offer for Seniors from Telus and Shaw Cable. Good to see companies with creative solutions.

As part of TELUS’s Mobility for Good For Seniors program, effective tomorrow, seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) will be eligible for:
· A free smartphone
· A $25/month plan that includes unlimited nationwide talk and text and 3GB of data
· Contract-free; seniors can cancel at any time without incurring additional fees
Taxes apply; certain features are extra (eg. roaming, subscription and premium messages) Visit the link below for details.
AND this just in …
We hear from Luke Lewandowski that Shaw Cable has an even better offer – seniors who would like a better deal on their phone use should contact Shaw Cable and inquire about their special cellphone plan for seniors.[0]=AT2pXAGon2wI9dGLH_Cscm81UA3WeTCxsxkfmVqNnXub164qQQw1OruHSc7q4r-bKRb_C-2Wx5P2GSkj4hhcbBA-GoJUDSHE5tT5rdgLtUcmMBDBv5P04uLGWkdY7Acba6jxtKVaa_JYZ8mp1N7yeRlwfDQDliPus1uuD-YplFAAHeIAR3MREZC6CDmnlB7kxS10dVj9P5tADvMe


Above enormous link takes you to the Canadian Medical Association page and their suggested letters pertinent to seniors which you might be interested in signing.  It is really a petition, but in letter form.  Have your say about what medical issues you feel are most important to Canadians over the age of 60 years.


Free online webcast about the cost and safety of our FOOD. Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020 at 1:30 (see below for log-in information)

Hosted by the Globe & Mail:  (No, you do not have to subscribe to the paper.)

If you are appalled at the cost of food and wondering how fresh and safe much of our meat, vegetables and other staples really is – this FREE webcast is something you might want to join.

This webcast will bring together food producers and experts to discuss the accessibility and cost of food in Canada. Throughout the pandemic, industries such as agriculture and livestock production have faced disruption and higher operating costs. At the same time, an economic downturn has created food insecurity for many Canadians. Join this event to be part of an expert discussion on long-term solutions for food affordability and access in Canada.

Discussion points:

– What is expected to happen with food prices in Canada, and what factors are impacting affordability?

– How has the pandemic impacted food security and how is the situation expected to evolve?

– How are Canadians viewing and valuing local producers in light of recent events?

– What actions and supports will help ensure an affordable supply of quality food throughout Canada?
Register today to join the webcast on Tuesday, September 29 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm EDT.

Send us your questions:

Please email so we can try to answer your questions during the webcast.


And the “winning” policy resolution for 2020 is … Guaranteed Income” .

As you may have already learned, a guaranteed income was voted as the top policy resolution.  The second round of voting is now open.  Log in to the National Liberal Policy Hub at and take part as is your right, to go further in the selection process.   Open to senior registered Liberals.  Participate in the policy selection process.  It is Liberalism at its finest and an example of democracy in action.