B.C. Section SLC and the Policy Process 2022

Greetings, all:

The SLC National Policy Committee has selected the following 4 topics for SLC National Working Groups:

  1. Aging in place including home and residential care
  2. Affordable Housing
  3. Financial security for low income seniors
  4. Making Canada’s public health care system affordable and accessible

The opportunity exists for any senior registered Liberal to participate
as a member of these SLC National working groups. We may nominate one (1) person to sit on each National Working Group, so the opportunity is
limited. It is a fair bit of work over a few weeks.

The 4 topics selected were taken from the recently completed national
survey results.

I have put my name forth as a candidate for the facilitator of the
affordable housing topic.

There may or may not also be some opportunities to participate in hybrid
regional/multi province resolution proposal development. These
opportunities will emerge if and when multiple provincial SLC sections
indicate other topics that are being worked on by by more than one
provincial section.

At this point, informal discussions and feedback from seniors reps
indicates one BC SLC topic to be addressed:

” Loss of faith in the criminal justice/corrections system (excepting
policing) to keep communities safe.”

We have the option of submitting as many as three policy resolution
proposals as BC SLC sponsored. Each policy resolution proposal must be
accompanied by background paper (a mini white paper) complete with
references etc. The deadline for submission of finalized Policy
Resolution Proposals c/w with background papers is Aug. 1, 2022.

Unfortunately the timeline is compressed, and the timing (summer) isn’t
great, but that has been determined working back from the recently
announced 2023 convention dates.

We may wish to add participation in the policy resolution proposal
process, and additional topics from the BC SLC to our agenda.

Please get in touch with Doug Hargitt at the below email address if you are interested in participating in the fascinating Policy Process 2022.

Doug Hargitt, Kelowna-Lake Country

Chair, Policy Committee, SLC BC


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