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Our Commission’s Role

The BC Section’s role within the Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada is to provide a forum for older Canadians across the province, to share ideas and to discuss and develop policies that address the needs and interests of older Canadians.

Health care, home care, adequate and protected pensions, affordable housing and poverty are just some of the critical issues for the elderly in Canada.  Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have been listening to those concerns. Policies developed by Senior Liberals, including those of us in BC, have been adopted.

Through our Commission, BC seniors have joined other older Canadians from coast to coast to develop policies that address:

  • Preserving and sustaining Public Health Care.
  • Providing adequate housing for low-income older Canadians.
  • Limitations of the Canada Health Act including home care, mental health, Pharmacare and wellness.
  • Reforming pensions to enhance the financial security of Canadian elders.

Senior Liberals are focused on the well-being of all Canadians.  Our policy discussions have dealt with:

  • Support for a strong middle class and for those hoping to join it.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change impacts.
  • Restoring greater independence of Members of Parliament and greater accountability of the Prime Minister and cabinet to Parliament.
  • Addressing the need for stable, well-paying jobs in support of middle class families.
  • Providing affordable post-secondary education and skills training.

Policy resolutions on some of these issues were developed by Senior Liberals’ Commission and submitted to the national policy convention in April, 2019.

Looking for more information?

Liberal Party of Canada:  www.liberal.ca
Liberal Party of Canada in BC:  www.bc.liberal.ca
Our National Senior Liberals’ Commission:  www.slc-cal.liberal.ca
Priority Policy Resolutions April, 2019 convention:  https://www.liberal.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018PolicyResolutions.pdf