Call 211 for help if you are a Senior living alone or with a partner. This just in from the office of the B.C. Seniors’ Advocate (March 26, 2020).


We at the SLCBC  will welcome you and once the Pandemic has cleared up we will once again invite you, and all registered Senior Liberals 60 years plus, to become active members of our Senior Liberals Commission, BC Section.

This coming year is already an eventful one. With the election in the past, and now dealing with an authentic Pandemic that is affecting everyone, we still have high hopes for organizing an active troupe of senior volunteers in every region of British Columbia. Our Liberal constitution ensures every Electoral District Association (EDA) can include a Senior Representative, appointed by the SLCBC Executive, as a voting member. Our province is divided into 6 regions; each with an SLCBC Regional Director, whose goal it is to submit the name of a Senior Rep for every EDA. Any senior may nominate themselves for this position by sending your bio to your Regional Director. Click here to see a list of Riding Reps.

B.C. Seniors can be pleased that we played a vital role in Election 2019.  A critical part of modern election campaigns involves identifying who voters support and listening to their views on issues.

One of our most pressing issues now is to continue to put forward policy resolutions where they will be heard! At the 2018 Halifax biennial Policy Convention, the SLC was successful in having resolutions from our region prioritized in the top 15 which were considered in the context of Party Platform in the 2019 election; resolutions related to Healthcare(13) and Stable, Quality Jobs(15). Click here to download the 2018 Policy Resolutions.

We will advocate for those resolutions by entering into discussions with the BC Caucus, the National Party Platform Committee, and local EDAs. We will also begin the next grassroots process to identify policy resolutions for the 2023 election! We will implement innovative means to gather your ideas and participation, making certain the Party hears the voices from our province.

Contact us to be notified of new Blog postings containing updates and timely information on events such as Ministers visits to which you will be invited.

Seniors can make a significant contribution to policy and governance. Your voice is needed!

We look forward to working with you!