The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) established a Senior Liberals’ Commission (SLC) as a constituent body at a National Convention for the purpose of encouraging older Canadians to participate in the political affairs of their country and to provide the LPC with insight and understanding of the needs and concerns of Canada’s current and future senior citizens.

Our Seniors Commission opens the way for British Columbians 65 years-of-age and over to discuss their interests and needs, and have them reflected in the Liberal Party’s policy. Many issues, of importance to Seniors, form the Liberal Party of Canada’s platform.

A Seniors’ Club is a great way to engage with seniors in your riding. If you are thinking of starting a club in your riding, see the reports from some of the new clubs in BC.  Creating Facebook pages, organizing Town Halls  and aligning with other senior’s groups in their riding, are some of the ways that Liberal Clubs are choosing to engage with seniors in the riding. To see more click on the Clubs tab on the menu.

To find events in your area visit events.liberal.ca.

Older Canadians have contributed to Canada’s development, and shared in the benefits throughout their lives.  They continue to share their energies, knowledge, and experiences in working toward building a better Canada.  It is acknowledged that senior Canadians have different needs as they age, but they also bring certain perspectives on public policy that are reflective of their lifelong experiences, and are of significance to many Canadians.  The SLC provides an opportunity to bring these needs and perspectives to the fore.

Click here to view the Liberal Party Platform 2015 Senior’s Initiatives and the Minister who is responsible for implementing them: http://federalslcbc.ca/wp-content/uploads/Platform-2015.pdf

With Liberals across Canada and our leader, Justin Trudeau, our Commission works to elect a Liberal government in Canada so that we all can:

  • Promote a government based on Fairness and Equity for all Canadians.
  • Restore a strong, diversified economy and good paying jobs that support the middle class and those who’d like to join it.
  • Safeguard critical public services like health care, pensions and national institutions like the CBC
  • Take better care of our environment
  • Offer a better future for our young people and protect seniors’ quality of life
  • Restore Canada’s international reputation as a broker of peace, well-being and security

We welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments and questions. Contact Us

Most importantly, we invite you to join us!

Rabi Alam, President